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Roscoe's At Home Served by Chris Rock at BET's

Los Angeles, CA —Chris Rock prefers the flavor of Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles over pizza.

The entertainer handed out the critically acclaimed combination of Roscoe’s salty and sweet entrees during the 2014 BET Awards to the likes of Paris Hilton, Tyrese Gibson and Lionel Ritchie; who was even offered a wet napkin to wipe away any grease before his performance later in the night.  

Roscoe's at Home served by Chris Rock at BETsRoscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles owns and operates six Southern California locations popular with locals, tourists and celebrities alike. The Roscoe’s at Home Brand brings customers the same flavors they have come to love since Roscoe’s opened the doors of its first restaurant in 1975.

Rock was attempting to one-up Ellen DeGeneres who served pizza to A-listers during the 2014 Oscars. 

The Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles brand stems well beyond the seven L.A. restaurant locations. The nationally known flavor is packaged and sold in Los Angeles and Seattle area retailers. Distribution began with the Roscoe’s chili, chili mac and mac 'n cheese, and the hype quickly led to the packaging of the Roscoe's original and Sweet Potato Waffles. All entrees are available at select Cardenas, Vallarta, Superior and Food4Less stores. 

Waffles are sold in packages of 10 and the chili, chili mac and mac ‘n cheese are available in 9-ounce entrees.   

Fried chicken & waffles quickly became a common pair after the first Long Beach, CA Roscoe’s opened in 1975.

Patrons and enthusiasts outside of the L.A. area continuously asked how they could enjoy the Southern comfort food at home. Finally, in 2012, the first entrees were packaged and shipped to stores. Even better, Roscoe’s lovers are able to purchase any of the items available in stores online at

Rock definitely took a page out of Degeneres’ book at the BET’s, and adds to the list of raving fans of the popular comfort food.


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